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The M3 Team

Mike Morrow, PE – Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years at Hewlett Packard, Mike has worked on new product development, process development, prototyping, and scaleup.  Most recently, he was lead engineer for a small, agile interdisciplinary team developing a market-disruptive commercial printing system in a startup environment.   The printing system, a high-speed retail on-demand textbook printer, is currently operating at pilot locations in Arizona, Kansas, and Oregon.

Mike serves as the industry representative on the Mobile Ocean Test Berth Stakeholder Committee for the Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center.

Mike has experience with technology startups in the consumer electronics and amusement industries.

He also has experience as a BMDO contract research engineer at Phillips Laboratory (Edwards Air Force Base) developing carbon-carbon composite processing methods as well as providing engineering support for the classified Space Nuclear Thermal Propulsion program. 

As co-inventor of the DMP Ocean Power Device, Mike built and tested the original DMP prototype in 1991.

Mike has numerous US and international patents for a broad range of intellectual property areas including material selection, miniature systems, thermal processing, and innovative low-cost commercial printing systems.  Current IP work includes DMP enhancements, low-cost/high-efficiency bi-di turbine designs, and self-deploying WEC systems.

Mike has a BSME from Oregon State University with a specialization in turbomachinery, aerodynamics, and gas dynamics.

Mike Delos-Reyes, PhD - Chief Technical Officer

Mike Delos-Reyes holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern California, an MS in Materials Science from Oregon State University, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University.

Dr. Delos-Reyes has worked in industry as an R&D engineer (micromachining and plastic electronics), as well as a manufacturing development engineer (wafer fab metal deposition) for Hewlett Packard Company.

He has experience collaborating on government funded research with NIST (Gaithersburg), Oak Ridge National Lab, Argonne National Lab (the Advanced Photon Source) and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory—these collaborations were all part of government funded graduate studies (esp. NSF and DOE) in materials science.

Mike also has experience as a contract research engineer at Phillips Laboratory, Edwards Air Force Base developing carbon-carbon composites. 

As co-inventor of the DMP Ocean Power Device, Mike built and tested the original DMP prototype in 1991.


Alice Gillespie - Senior Scientist

Alice is heading up resource characterization and sediment transport modeling as part of M3's DOE-funded project: Improved Survivability and Lower Cost in a Submerged Wave Energy Device.


Board of Directors:

Mark Waller, Chairman

An entrepreneur by temperament, Mr. Waller has built his career around the identification and maturation of marketable ideas. His first priority is the packaging of a client’s concept – fine tuning its structure or business plan – to ensure the concept can be matched with appropriate investors. With instincts and contacts informed by 30 years of experience, Mr. Waller specializes in finding the investors (institutional or individual) best suited for a client’s needs and stage of growth. And, having nurtured public companies through their start-up and IPO stages, he is particularly sensitive to the vagaries of public markets and the special needs of financial audiences such as brokers and analysts. Mark will typically sit on the client’s Board of Directors (he currently serves as Chairman of PrimeStar Solar), where he can provide high level policy and strategic planning input, as well as serve as lead on all financing activity.

Nancy Frisch

Nancy Frisch’s rich experience has been built on working with clients across the business spectrum from multiple multi-billion dollar companies to numerous mid-size companies, family businesses and startups. For over 25 years, Nancy has been an executive coach, team builder and organizational development consultant. She has earned a global reputation for promoting world class company and leader success, and she has been regularly featured in the media.


Nancy has made her mark coaching CEOs and their executives through a variety of transitions including mergers and acquisitions, helping to develop successful organizational structures, strategy and teams. While highly focused on delivering programs against roadmap milestones, AOP, and profitability, Nancy is known for her innovative ideas in fostering creativity, leadership and employee engagement,  productivity, and retention while creating a stable supportive work environment without silos.

The executives she has coached describe her as a "highly trusted and valued innovative, energetic and insightful resource," and often come back to her years after her coaching engagements for advice and feedback.


An international leadership and change speaker and Phi Beta Kappa, Nancy holds two bachelors' in English and Education from SUNYAB and two Graduate degrees in clinical Social Work and Behavioral Sciences from University of Wisconsin-Madison. She currently sits on the boards and councils of Conservation International, M3Wave, Rocketbux, The Oregon Ballet Theatre, The World Affairs Council, The Campaign for Women's Health, The Janet Bowen Breast Cancer Foundation and The Autism Council. 

Mike Morrow

​Mike Delos-Reyes


Extended Technical team:

Kent Watson, PhD - Senior Material Scientist

As a NASA scientist, Dr. Watson gained extensive experience with developing materials for hostile environments including the extremes of space.


NW National Marine Renewable Energy Center:
    Dr. Robert Paasch
    Tuba Ozkan-Haller
    Cameron McNatt


Michael Miller – Director of Business Development

With Hewlett Packard Company, Michael worked on numerous projects including:
•New business development lead – part of cross-functional team identifying and developing unique business opportunities that complemented HP's ink jet printing franchise. Specialty in road mapping inkjet technology extensions to new business applications and modeling total system costs of competing technologies. 
•Senior technical architect of HP's last 3 generations of Deskjet integrated print cartridge families, accounting for hundreds of products, millions of print cartridges sold and billions of dollars of revenue. Technical specialty in designing micro machined fluidic firing chambers and integrated writing systems.

Serving as a U.S. Naval Submarine Officer (Gold Dolphins) on the USS Alaska nuclear powered submarine and various shore locations, Mike served as:

•Assistant Engineer/Machinery division officer. Led 30 man division responsible for steam turbine propulsion and power generation, maintenance and refit operations and exam readiness.

•Laboratory Supervisor: Led team of chemists and medical personnel responsible for monitoring and maintaining primary and secondary nuclear plant chemistry, detection and control of radiation/ radioactive materials.

•Nuclear Prototype Instructor: One of only three newly qualified officers to be selected annually Navy-wide to be an instructor for rigorous Navy nuclear plant qualifications.

Mike has a BS in Physics and a BS in Engineering Physics from Oregon State University






Coming soon!


Casey Cleary is a graduate candidate in the Masters of International Management (MIM) program at Portland State University, specializing in Global Corporate Sustainability and Business Chinese.  She is currently working as a marketing and sales representative for both the MIM program and, a start up service company that tracks, calculates and offsets package shipment’s C02 emissions.  Prior to attending PSU, Casey worked for the International Sustainable Development Foundation as a program coordinator assisting in the China US Sustainable Land Use and Urban Development training programs.  She also worked as an English Teacher in Beijing, China and as a Parliamentary Intern in Dublin, Ireland.  She has a B.A. in International Studies from the University of Wyoming and has studied abroad in Lyon, France and Seoul, South Korea.  Casey will graduate in December and is interested in promoting Green by marketing and selling an international company’s sustainable products and services.


Zhuan Ai is working on his graduate degree in the Masters of International Management (MIM) program at Portland State University.  Before coming to Portland, Zhuan worked for the Agricultural Bank of China in Chengdu city and the Development Research Center for the Ministry of Water Resources P.R. China in Beijing.  He has a B.A. in Engineering Management from Beijing Jiaotong University and he also studied marketing at Dalarna University, Sweden.  Zhuan is looking forward to working for a multinational corporation in financing or marketing after graduation in December.


Phattharawan (Birddy) Vanithbuncha is studying in the Masters of International Management program at Portland State University, specializing in Global Marketing and Business Chinese.  Prior to attending PSU, Birddy worked for the Television Channel Company in Thailand as a co-producer/intern for entertainment programs.  She also worked at the Ministry of Public Health in the Human Resource department, Chiang Mai, Thailand.  She has a B.A. in Mass Communication from Chiang Mai University, Thailand and has studied abroad in Australia and the USA.  Upon graduation in December, Birddy hopes to be a marketing manager in a large international company.


Caitlin Goold is currently obtaining her Master's of International Management at Portland State University and is focusing on Global Corporate Sustainability and business Chinese.  She is also working as the Outreach Team Coordinator/Intern with the Northwest Earth Institute, a local grassroots non-profit focused on community engagement through sustainability discussion courses.  In the fall, she will be an intern for the Federal Government at the US Export Assistance Center in Portland.  Prior to her studies at PSU, Caitlin was the Home Depot Account Manager at Precision Countertops in Wilsonville, Oregon.  In this position she was involved in sales forecasting, business relationship development and project management.  Caitlin has a B.A. in International Affairs from Lewis and Clark College and has studied abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Caitlin will graduate in December 2009 and is interested in working with a firm focused on international economic and trade development.  She is passionate about corporate social responsibility, labor practices and stakeholder engagement.

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